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Month: January, 2021

Porn That Turns The Tables

Variety is the spice of life. I’m constantly searching for something different that gets my attention. You can find everything you’ve ever imagined online and then some. When I came across this Pure CFNM discount for up to 72% off it had my curiosity piqued instantaneously. This wasn’t something I was familiar with and I needed to see what it was all about.

I began by finding out what CFNM stood for and it turns out it means Clothed Female, Naked Male. This is a rather interesting twist I’d never encountered. What you’ll find here is “femme dom” in the BDSM sense, but I’m not big on labels. The videos show sexy dominant ladies calling the shots, often leaving the guys feeling embarrassed and forced to obey their every command. Not to worry, by the end, everyone is happy and fully satisfied. Some of the hardcore niches they cover include cock worship, spanking, humiliation, cock and ball torture, group sex, dress up, and outdoor sex. Expand your horizons and give this site a shot, with the massive discount it’s too good to pass up.