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Month: November, 2014

Local cougars and Nietzschean will to power

One of my most favorite philosophers in college was Friedrich Nietzsche. This guy was just amazing. Of course, his most famous statement is, “God is dead”. I know it gets people all excited. But if you actually read his stuff, he means something very different from what people assume. The great thing that I love about Nietzsche was his concept of will to power. He really brought home the point that life is short and we should not live it like bitches. Seriously. We shouldn’t live like punks and worry so much about what other people think and be so awed and intimidated by our fears that we really fail to live life to its fullest.

And the sad truth is that life is short. You might be very young right now, but it only feels like a few weeks until you’re 80 years old and you’re ready to check out. You see how short life can be? The whole concept of Nietzschean will to power is to simply take life by the tail and beat the fuck out of it. In other words, live life according to your terms. This is what separates superman from underman. And Nietzsche really hit the ball out of the park with his discussion on the superman. So what does this have to do with local cougars? Actually, more than you think.

Old pussy myths are dead

The whole idea of the old sexual relationships and sexual politics are dead. You need to move on. Science has shown that women can orgasm many times over, but they are only able to unlock this ability after they’re 30 years old. This is a revolutionary discovery because it has turned on its head all the ideas that we used to have about age and sex. Now, you can be an older woman and you can be a younger guy chasing after older pussy and it will be completely okay. Make no mistake about it, old pussy myths are dead.

What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger

The great thing about chasing after local cougars is that sex with older women really can unlock a lot of the limitations that both of you have. It’s all about sex and to meet local cougars. It’s all about the activity. So a lot of your bullshit hang ups and a lot of your old fears, you can turn your back on them. You can scale the heights of pleasure which can open the gateway to higher states of being and higher levels of awareness. This can actually help you feel alive for once.